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WQHA Scholarship News

The Wisconsin Quarter Horse Association Scholarship program is supported and funded by donations within the Association and also from generous donations from the Community. Recently in the past couple of years we had a former WQHA member donate a sum of money from an account that had been forgotten. That amount of money put the program back on it's feet. Having been asked to head up the Scholarship Program I began to think about how we could do more for more members that want to further their education base. These scholarships are for members of the WQHA of any age for any class at any level at any college or educational facility.

Student education is something we all should feel strongly about as I do. Being a parent of a college age student brings new meaning to the word "budget". Every little bit helps, scholarship monies go along way to make the semester "payment" and ease the financial burden.
This year we would like to do more to increase our fund to be able to reach all ages for the scholarship awards.   We will be making a presence at some of the shows and will attempt new ways to raise monies for the WQHA Scholarship Fund. Anne Lemke has so graciously agreed to be involved with the program by helping with fund raising. She will bring a lot of knowledge to the table in the field of finance and also from her experience with the WQHA.

Together we will try to "grow" our fund so we can help our Association's members educational level grow as well. Please stop  when you see us out there this year and help us in any way possible.
I would like to thank all the donors from years past who have continued to support this effort.  Here listed are a few, if I have left anyone out I sincerely apologize as I have only been involved for a couple of years.
Daly Creek Tack - Touseys
Doug and Di Baier
Mary Cram and family
Robert Schmitz and family
Larry & Anne Lemke
Initial Design - Tom & Pat Gauthier
Ron and Kathy Doyle
Kathy & Randy Schroeder
LaRue and Bob Wills and family
Joe Spak and family
The Brickhams
Kathy Sheahan
Greta Zeller
The Eglys family
Niki Schultz and family
Ron and Pat Miller
John and Sharleen Schmahl
Tim Schmahl and family
Lance and Beth Treptow
Tom and Carol Klamrowski
Tom and Janice McGauley
Elizabeth Widmar and family
Keri Smith and family
Roy Schwab and family
The Nannemann's
Doyle & Beth Zimmerman
Thank you all. We appreciate your continued support !!!!