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Nikki Schultz Receives President's Award

At the Awards banquet in January Joe Spak had the honor of recognizing a member whose actions contributed to the enhancement and advancement of WQHA last year.

Being involved with the State Show gave Joe, and many others, a greater appreciation for the hard work and efforts of the previous State Show Committee members. Knowing that this would be no small undertaking Joe knew that WQHA needed someone who was organized, had a command for detail, was not bashful when it came to securing donations, nor afraid to ruffle a few feathers to get the job done.

Everyone on the State Show Committee realized quickly we had the right person for the job. As the show dates grew closer, so did the weekly emails, phone calls and spread sheets, making certain that all things were on schedule. The duties and responsibilities of the committee chairperson consumed a lot of time taken from other interests and family.

Someone said to Joe, "If you want to look intelligent, surround yourself with those more intelligent than you." Nikki Schultz's hard work and dedication made Joe look very intelligent.

Congratulations to Nikki Schultz for receiving the 'President's Award' for 2011.