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Letter from the WQHA President

Straight from the Horse's-er-President's Mouth…

With the start of our 2012 show season right around the corner, I wanted to reflect on some of the accomplishments and achievements of the WQHA and its members over the past year.

2011 began with the challenge and anticipation of forming a new State Show Committee responsible for planning, staffing and running our annual State Show. Within a few weeks of last year's awards banquet the new committee was formed. Its members included some with experience in running shows to those with little or no experience but the desire to help and be involved in doing whatever was needed.

The efforts of the committee, along with the many volunteers and generous donors, made the 2011 State Show a great success! Thank you to all involved for your hard work and dedication to our association.

2011 saw a turnover of several members on our Board of Directors. With the exception of the District 3 Director Position, the 2012 Board remains unchanged from last year. While a director position can be replaced, the person leaving that position will be difficult to replace. Pat Gauthier has served the WQHA in many capacities, both on numerous committees and as a member of our Board of Directors for the past 18 years.

Pat assures us that she is not going away, just taking time to enjoy some non-horse related activities with her husband in retirement. Thank you Pat and Tom for all you have done through the years for the WQHA.

I would like to congratulate and thank our Youth Teams, as well as our Amateur and Select exhibitors for representing Wisconsin so well at the All American Quarter Horse Congress and World Shows.

For many, the goals and aspirations for 2012 are beginning to be set. For some, that may involve the pursuit of awards. For others, it may simply mean getting into the show ring for the first time or going on that first trail ride. Whatever the motivation, the common thread is the same: great times, with great people, and great horses.

In closing, my hope for 2012 is that as an association, the WQHA continues on the path of success while remaining responsive to its membership. And remember, have fun this year!

Joe Spak
WQHA President