Media Releases

2012 Midwest Horse Fair

Offering Something for Everyone!

Mustache Contest
Mustaches have been known to add a certain bit of mystery and here is your chance to show yours off!
Whether you are a long time owner of your mustache or you are just getting started, the mustache contest welcomes mustaches of all characters. With categories of longest, handlebar, and artistic/creative, there is something for everyone!
The top three mustaches of each category will receive a cash prize! Mustaches must be natural, so get a head start and begin growing your mustache today!

Hat Contest
Hats are the perfect addition to complete any horsewoman's wardrobe. Whether worn as an adornment on Derby Day, while driving a carriage, or to protect one's head from the elements while riding on the range, the hat is a central piece of clothing.

Youth Judging Competition
No one is too young or too old to learn more about judging horses. Horse judging follows a basic system of evaluating horses based on the ideal for each breed and discipline. While a horse show judge must be able to use their knowledge to place a class, all horse enthusiasts can benefit from learning evaluation skills.

America's Equine Soccer League
America's Equine Soccer League will be holding a tournament at the 2012 Midwest Horse Fair®. Hoofball, Horse Soccer, or Equine Soccer are just a few of the names that are being used to describe the fun activity that, while new to America, other countries have been playing since the early 1900's. Similar to human soccer, in equine soccer, the horse kicks the ball, but generally does so while under saddle.

World Champion Blacksmiths
This age-old art gathers blacksmiths from all over the country to compete under the big yellow and white striped tent.

Extreme Mustang Makeover
Back by popular demand-the Extreme Mustang Makeover is back at this year's Midwest Horse Fair®! Trainers from across the country picked up their wild mustangs in January and had approximately 80 days to gentle the wild horse in hopes of winning a share of the $10,000 estimated purse. The Mustangs competing in the Extreme Mustang Makeover challenge are mares that were virtually untouched prior to their January pick-up. Horses will be judged based on their body condition and their newly learned skills. Both horse and trainer will compete in a series of classes that include an in-hand obstacle course and a horse course where the horse and rider team must maneuver over obstacles. The top 10 from the preliminary rounds will have the chance to win the prize money during the freestyle finale on Sunday afternoon.

All Mustangs competing in the Extreme Mustang Makeover will be available for adoption during an auction on Sunday afternoon. Adoption fees will be set by competitive bid. To qualify to adopt, individuals must be at least 18 with no record of animal abuse. In addition, adopters must have suitable facilities and can adopt no more than four animals. Adoption applications may be obtained and approved onsite by the Bureau of Land Management during the event. Adopted horses must remain with the adopter for one year before "title" of ownership is provided from the BLM.