High Point Champions

Exhibitor: Savannah Hauer

- Halter
300 Point Youth Champion - Natural Order - Savannah Hauer

I first started showing Pru also known as Natural Order in the year of 2012. Pru has become a big step up for me she has taught me so many things, for example showing a green horse. This horse has become a big part of my life, my family has owned Pru since the day she was born on May 25, 2007 when she got up and put her little head down and loped around the stall like a little western pleasure horse. I'll never forget my first time really starting a relationship with this horse that is my closest and greatest companion and friend.

One day I was helping my mom lunge horses at home and she told me to go lunge Pru, well at the time I was afraid of her, it was quite funny actually so I did as my mom said and went and lunged her and realized how much I truly liked this sweet little baby mare. It started back in 2011 and now we are here in 2013.

Pru took me to my first Youth World Championship this year being Nationally Qualified in the Youth Performance Mares and ending up 3rd in the 13 and under side and 16th overall in the class. The one thing I will never forget though was in October at The All American Quarter Horse Congress, Pru took me to the Finals in the Novice Youth Horsemanship and we came out 3rd in AQHA and NSBA, also the Youth Performance Mares we came in 8th place. Then there is the one class that Pru and I have been striding towards doing  good in is the Showmanship. Yes, the best day in my life on Tuesday: October 22, 2013 at 7 a.m. in the Celeste Arena, Pru gave me a great pattern to make it back to the finals in the Novice Youth Showmanship then giving me one last great pattern as a 13 and under... Right then that day was the day Pru and I were given the title as Reserve Congess Champions in AQHA and NSBA.

This horse that is my best friend has made my life a great one and is still succeeding to this day to make it stay a good one. One of my favorite quotes that exactly explains showing horses is "It may not be heaven, but I can see it from here." That is how I feel every time going into that show pen and giving it all I've got right along with my horse, showing like It's the last time we will ever get to show. Finally, I just would like to thank my horse Pru for making all of these amazing accomplishments come true, for being right there beside me through the thick and thin. And thank you to everyone else standing on the side lines cheering us on, you are all great!

Yours Always,
Savannah Hauer