Bill Goggins Award

In 1989 WQHA member Bill Goggins was killed in an automobile accident shortly before that year's awards banquet. At the banquet that year, Bill would have been receiving his very first WQHA award as the WQHA High Point Novice Amateur Western Pleasure exhibitor. Bill's family requested that the award be given to Darrel Holman who was the reserve winner that year. Bill, Darrel and Jerry Pappendorf all competed together that year and called themselves 'the over the hill gang'. They had a lot of fun showing together, and Bill made a lot of WQHA friends while at the shows that year. Bill was in his fifties when he decided to learn to ride and pursue his dream of showing horses. He was the President of Wausau Paper Corporation and always said that the worst day that he had at a horse show was better than any day at his office, although he was pretty colorful in the way he said it. Bill's family was never into horses but supported his addiction, and continued to show his horses even after he died because they felt it would have made him happy.


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